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For an informative video about Life2us Ministries, go to youtube and search "what Life2us ministry is all about" or click on this link, https://youtu.be/_LYgckp2emw

Life2us.org Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry that serves only as a catalyst to help individuals discover what it means to BE the church -- followers of Jesus, focusing on developing authentic and personal relationships with God and our neighbor.

Life2us.org Ministries will use non-traditional methods to model BEING the 'church' without focusing on structure, programs, meetings, committees, and other legalistic methods of manipulating and controlling people into a certain mode of conduct that is self-serving and takes the focus off BEING disciples of Jesus.

Life2us.org Ministries focus will be the development of the ultimate relationships – becoming a friend and follower of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We will actively engage ourselves in prayer, worship, evangelism, service and discipleship, connecting with the global body of Christ.

Ministry Leaders:  Ed & Eileen Heatwole have served in the pastoral ministry since 1980.  They have served in this role both full time and bio-vocationally. They have served in the pastoral role in six churches both stateside and internationally, four of which they played a vital role in starting. They understand the role, stress and demands of ministry.

Ed graduated from Rosedale Bible College in Ohio with a major in Bible & Theology and Christian Education. He completed Jack Hayford’s School of Pastoral Nurture in CA, and Clinical Pastoral Education course at Eastern Mennonite Seminary. Ed was ordained in 1999. Currently, Life2us.org Ministries oversees his credentials. Eileen has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Hagerstown Community College.

Ed & Eileen lived in Kenya for more than two years working with Bishop Henry Mulandi for African Christian Missions International and Regions Beyond Ministry in Church Planting, Leadership training and evangelistic outreach. They also have been to Jamaica, Haiti, and Tanzania in short term mission outreach.

Ed & Eileen were married in 1980 and have four children and seven grandchildren. Ed is owner and operator of a Class A contractor company, E Heatwole Construction LLC which specializes in residential construction and home improvements. Eileen is the director and instructor of the Pre-school department at Blue Ridge Christian School in Bridgewater, VA.

Life2us.org Ministries Vision:

God gave us the vision for Life2us.org ministry in the fall of 2009. At a time of personal soul searching and seeking direction, the structure and vision of Life2us.org became clear. God is yearning for a people who have a heart and passion for Him. The church today seems to be more inclined toward things that are more man-focused than God-focused. God desires a people that want a relationship with Him and who will manifest the Kingdom of God reign and rule in their lives. God is actively seeking a people who know Him and will love Him not from a sense of duty and obligation, but from a personal relationship with Him. It was out of that vision the Lord said to establish a ministry that helps individuals establish a friendship with God. A friendship that transforms the heart, the home, the workplace and community.

Life2us.org is a non-denominational ministry that will partner together with individuals for as long as needed for worship, encouragement, and teaching to soak in the new wine God is breathing into His people.

We invite you to come join us on this exciting journey together.

Ed & Eileen

Dress is casual. Bring a drink and snack to share if you like or there will be drinks and snacks provided.

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